Reasons Why You Need Fixed Gear Bikes


Bikes are part of our daily life. They come in handy to serve various purposes that enhance our quality of life. Bikes play a critical role in transport, recreation, sport, or even exercise and come in different shapes, types, and models. Essentially, when looking for a bike, you need to consider several things, some of which include function, frame design, rider’s position, and a number of wheels, among others. You know what they say; beautiful things in life come with simplicity. When applied to bicycles, fixed gear bikes (also known as fixies) fit this description. In this article, we are going to look at some of the important benefits that come with buying fixed gear bikes.


Fixies are the simplest and by far the most popular bike models in the market. They are simple to build, ride, and give you a lot of control. When compared to bikes with gears, with fixies, you do not have to keep on thinking about changing gears. Furthermore, whether you are accelerating, riding up or down a hill, you have the freedom to do what you deem fit. In addition to freeing up your mind, fixed bikes will light up your day and help you in the shedding of extra weight.

Unique Biking Realities

One outstanding feature associated with fixed bikes is the intimate relationship created between the rider and the bike. As difficult as it seems, it is interesting to note that over time, a unique relationship between the bike and the biker will always take shape. This is largely because of how they alter a person’s riding experience and boost their confidence.

bike gearEnhanced Biking Skills

Fixed gear bikes provide the best platform to boost your riding techniques. Their unique features allow you to acquire important pedaling techniques that come in handy when using other models. By the way, people who start riding using fixies have an extra advantage since they do not have to struggle with knowing what to do when their gears fail. They can still navigate through whatever situation using skills attained or acquired from fixies.

Friendly to Own

When riding in a big city, one of the fears associated with bikes is the fear of losing parts. Well, with a fixie, you do not have to keep on thinking about it. Their simple make comes with equally fewer and simple parts that may not invite the thief to steal. Furthermore, even if the thief snatches the bike, their lack of gears often makes it difficult for one to bike away fast enough. As such, they will always give you peace of mind.

Cost Friendly

Fixed gear bikes are cheaper to acquire. You don’t have to fret and sweat over the amount to spend. Thanks to their simple make, they are easy to repair and maintain. As such, if you are looking for an easy bike to help you run errands, boost your health, and enhance your riding skills, fixed gear bikes will always come in handy.


Unlike other models, if you are looking for experience, thrill, fun, all blend into simplicity, look no further than the fixies. This is where it all begins and ends.