Three Simple Ways to Improve Your Health in Less than a Month

feeling unfit

Your body’s health affects your mind. And that mind-body unity is not a New Age myth after all. According to, studies on guts bacteria have directed the researchers to correlate the absence of Coprococcus and Dialister (two species of guts microbes) with depression. And in this case, your diet is the most likely factor.

Second, sedentary lifestyle has been deemed as the new smoking by medical experts. Being physically inactive for a long time turns out to be harmful to our health. Cardiovascular diseases, weakened immunity, bone deformation, and muscle loss are only several consequences of that.

Now, if you’ve been feeling weak lately, here are three simple ways to improve your health in less than a month.

Fix Your Diet

healthy juicesAfter you read the opening above, you should’ve predicted that your diet is playing a big role here. First, you need more fibers. Get yourself a juicer with good ratings, and add more vegetable juice into your daily meals. Fruits are supposed to add the flavor only, not to be the main ingredient of the juice because it is high in fructose. And in case you do not know, it is sugar (fructose included), not fat, that causes obesity.

Second, add more protein and fat into your diet, and decrease the carbohydrate intake. Do not eliminate carbs’ sources, though, because your body still needs them. Fat is essential because it makes you feel satiated and full longer.

Third, avoid donuts, snack bars, sweet beverages, and alcohol. You will surprise yourself with how much better you feel in just two or three weeks.

Walk More, and Sit Less

walking to get fitHumans evolved to be on their feet, and if you lack making use of your legs, the muscles there can wither. Besides, your chances to develop cardiovascular diseases will also intensify. Therefore, you should prefer walking on your feet over traveling by vehicles.

Also, add standing up and stretching to your activity list during a break. Before you go for your lunch, try to stand up or walk around for 10 or 15 minutes. If you still have time, it is recommended that you be on your feet after you eat. This improves your digestion and prevents heartburn.

Get Quality Sleeps

Your sleep affects your overall life quality. In fact, having poor sleeps for an extended period can lead to mood disorders, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. And the worst news for you is that our modern lifestyle has made sleeping disorders worse.

First, your gadget use must be limited. If it is not for work, put it off and give your mind a rest. Second, too much light exposure alters your circadian rhythm. The lighting in your bedroom must be adjustable enough. Install those sleep lamps without hesitating. Third, keep yourself away from noises. You can either move to a new place or try to use earbuds first. If the latter doesn’t work, and you can afford to move, then do it.