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I was introduced to Vitacel 7 in May of 1988. In 1970, the automobile I was driving was rear-ended by a school bus. I began receiving outpatient therapy treatments for neck and back pain. After four years, and periodic visits, I discontinued treatments as the relief of pain was so short-lived. I consulted a chiropractic physician in 1976, and began spinal manipulation treatments twice weekly, along with nutritional guidance. For twelve years, I continued these treatments, experiencing greater relief between visits. In addition to my neck and back pain, I have suffered widespread allergies accompanied by a sinusitis condition which has prevented a clear airflow through the nasal passages. I have tried most of the drugs related and over the counter products available, with little or no success.

Six months prior to my using Vitacel, I had experienced sharp intermittent pains in my knees, which led me to believe the possibility of the onset of an arthritic condition. I took my first Vitacel tablet before bedtime. The next morning, I awoke, laid there for a few moments, and realized that for the first time in some 25 years I was actually breathing clearly through my nose instead of my mouth. Was this a dream? I was ecstatic. I jumped out of bed and raced to the cupboard to take my morning tablet.

In the days to come, I began noticing an increased surge of energy; along with a “real” sense of well-being within my body I no longer need those afternoon naps due to sleepless nights. I increased my daily dosage hoping for quicker results with the neck and back pain. After about three weeks, and let God be my witness, I no longer experienced any neck or back pain and knee pain. I have not had a chiropractic treatment since starting the Vitacel program. I will indeed share my good fortune with my chiropractor in the very near future.

As of this writing, I have returned to a maintenance dosage of two Vitacel tablets per day.

Minneapolis, MN

January 1985
A neighbor, Lorraine Phelps, noted my improvement and introduced me to GH3, which I started taking in May, 1984. It required three months for the hip and thigh pain to disappear and somewhat longer for the other allergy symptom ailments. The effect on high cholesterol is still in a trial period. Now, I have ceased the use of all medications for arthritis as well as Tagamet for stomach distress and anti-histamines (taken for seven (7) years). The eczema on my fingers has disap­peared plus I do not suffer muscular cramps on my legs of soles of my feet. I feel great! In October and November of 1984, I spent a month in Australia and New Zealand without problems.

Thanks to all of those involved in producing and telling everyone of Vitacel GH3. I, for one, will be forever grateful for the boost to a comfortable life, free of pain..

Seattle, Wa

September 8, 1983

I’ve been taking Vitacel GH3 since April 2, 1983, and feel I’m over-due in sharing my story. I was introduced to GH3 by my brother-in-law, Mr. Sam Jenkins. At first, I was the typical doubting “Tom.” However, my health had gotten to the point I was willing to try anything, I felt could truly be of help, or provide relief. Vitacel supplements are href="">affordably priced, as a result, I decided to try tried Vitacel GH3, following is my story:

During September, 1976, I had experienced either a severe nervous breakdown or a mild stroke. I was 37 hears of age at that time. From then until 1983, I have been on medication for high blood pressure, asthma, and allergies; and I have taken five drugs to control these problems. It seems as my doctor had stated all drugs may treat the immediate problem. However, each drug may have a side effect. Permit me to address each of the above problems individually.

In summary, thanks to GH3, I feel like a new me. I now am ridding myself of drugs, stress, allergies and I have my sinus problems under control. I enjoy the benefit of restful, effective sleep. THANK GOD for Dr. Ana Asian and her discovery GH3.

Puyallup, Washington

I was first introduced to Vitacel GH3 in the fall of 1982. Ron and Marcie Abraham of Seattle sent us informa­tion about GH3 and told of all the wonderful things it had done for Margie. I read the information (I thought with an open mind). “Baloney” I said, and flied the material in “File 13.” I felt that there wasn’t a product in the entire world that could do that much for that many different ailments without it being a drug. In the fall of 1983, we traveled to Seattle to visit Ron and Marcie, and I became a believer! It had been three years since our last visit, and I could not believe the change in Marcie! GH3 had given Marcie a new lease on life, and I felt it was worth a try.

I can’t say enough for GH3. I’ll never be without it. We figure that the cost of Vitacel is about the price of a dinner out a month. So we’ve decided that feeling great is worth the price of one less dinner out during the month.

Great Fall, Montana

I started taking Vitacel GH7 in mid-April. Very soon I could tell a difference in my tolerance allergy level and could eat more foods. I did really great all spring. I had lots of energy and no pain. I’m tolerating GH7 well with no problems. My husband is also taking GH7 now.

My hair and nails have also improved since starting Vitacel, what a small price to pay, for such good health and vitality.

Gatlinburg, TN

My ankles are no longer puffy in this heat. I have much more energy. I’m no longer exhausted when I get up in the morning. I feel like getting up. The skin on my face is much smoother and my complexion is much clearer and finer. 1 have a scar here and there on my body and they are about half what they were. My digestion is much improved. No more terrible gas pains. Had NO monthly cramps last month! Hooray for that! And I wasn’t crabby either, come to think of it. I had quite a network of spider veins at each knee and they are about half.


June 9, 1990

To Whom it May Concern:

I was introduced to a new product called Vitacel 7 around August 1st in 1989. After reading the literature on the product, I found out that it was not new, but certainly new to me. I read the different testimonials, read about some of the famous people that use the product and I read about the product in general. I ordered a two-month supply around the middle of February 1990. If Vitacel 7 was really effective, I wanted to see what it would do for my allergies.

I need to interject something at this point. I have been a life-long hay fever victim, and I mean big time hay fever it had gotten so bad in the last few years that our family doctor has prescribed cortisone tablets to take care of the problem. I started taking Vitacel on or around March 1st, and I took the tablets within the guidelines of the instructions on the outside of the bottle.

I know Vitacel 7 has given me more energy to do more job-related and home related chores. As a school band director and professional musician, 1 am constantly on the go and I spend many hours (late hours) getting those things done which have to get done so deadlines can be met. Even though Vitacel 7 has not helped my sleep habits, Jam now able to spend the necessary time it takes to complete these deadlines. I feel the extra energy that comes from taking Vitacel 7 has given me the ability to endure more. Stress is a big problem in my job and I firmly believe that taking Vitacel has a lot to do with the alleviation of a great deal of stress.

I encourage you to read as much literature on this product as possible so you will learn more about it. I started off by taking Vitacel 3, and on May 201 switched to Vitacel 7 since it was my understanding that the GH7 gets into your system a little quicker than the Vitacel 3. I experienced a minor headache for about 2 days when I first started taking the product, and to be honest I was kind of glad. The minor headache was an indication to me that something was happening as a result of my taking the tablets. I am also extremely impressed that something so helpful is so reasonably priced. Feel free to call or write if you have any questions.

West Memphis, Arkansas

I have had an allergy to petroleum products for 30 years. I couldn’t be near the car when it was gassed. But the worst was the odors of things people wear like perfumes, lotions, deodorants and also the pesticide-type things.
Last winter, I got terribly bad and realized I was going to have to do something. I prayed on the way back to Oregon for God to direct me as to what to do. I could think of only two options. One, to go back to the allergist (who is a physical surgeon), or two, go to a Chinese doctor and try their herb treatments. I had been under treatment by the allergist for 15 years and could really see no hope there.
I received some information on Vitacel 7. I could not help hut feel that it was God’s answer I ordered it immediately and have been taking it since last May Along late in the summer, I began to notice the terrible pressure in my head was gone. Also, that occasionally I would get a whiff of someone’s perfume and I didn’t get the terrible excruciating painful allergy headaches that I had suffered before.
Now people are asking what I’ve done. I tell them about Vitacel 7.

Brownsville, OR

The city sprayed weekly for mosquitos with “Scourge Spray” from a fogger mounted on a truck. A statement in the Canon City Daily Record newspaper declared that there were no known reactions from it. City Hall told me that they sprayed on Friday nights but instead it was on Monday nights. My bedroom door was open and the fumes came in on me. I was very ill for two weeks but overcame it. The third week I was completely overcome by it. The terrible odor alerted me as to what was causing my problem. It has been a very difficult time. This distressful illness affected my whole physical system. Medicines helped some, but since I was introduced to Vitacel 7, I have gradually felt much stronger with better digestion and breathing. I am even driving my car now and this is a great accom­plishment which makes me very happy! I am very thankful for Vitacel supplements.

Jean Fowler
Florence, CO 81226

It’s not possible to reach all of you quickly with the story of the miracle God has brought to me. Most of you know I was very ill. Only faith and the loving care of my family and our church friends kept me together Many grateful heartfelt thanks to al of you. The sharing of God’s love means a lot to the suffering; more than is possible for the one hurting to know.

I was tested and found to have toxicity and mineral imbalances due to toxic levels of copper, cadmium, and mercury in my tissues; hormonal imbalance, protein deficiency (due to improper ab­sorption by my cells), many food intolerances, allergies (hay fever), candida yeast infection, and depression. My symptoms from all of these ills were: severe tiredness, periodic dizziness, ringing in my ears, frequent headaches, forgetfulness, burning sensations running along certain nerve pathways, some in­voluntary twitching of muscles, joint aches, stiffness of fingers, stomach and colon gas, weight loss, and insomnia. Is that enough? I dreaded the Fall weed pollen and field harvest wishing for the first freeze to kill off the pollen and mold spores. Yet I dreaded the cold weather because I could not keep warm. All of this showed in my countenance, and no amount of makeup could hide it. What happened to get me on the road to recovery is some story!

Our own dog, who is thirteen years of age, was sleeping most of the time, she had difficulty going up and down our stairs, and she was losing weight. Dan started her on Vitacel 7 also. After a few weeks her energy level was up, and she began to go up and down the stairs with more ease. She has now regained much of the weight she had lost, and she does not sleep unusually long now either.

After seeing our dog’s response, Dan began to try Vitacel 7 on various patient’s in his veterinary practice.

Vitacel is not a snake oil. It is not even a cure for what ails you. What it does do is improve the permeability of cell membranes so that they can again receive nutrients within the cells. If a cell can receive the nutrients that it needs to function, it seems to be able to correct whatever is wrong. Results are not instantaneous; healing takes time. Neither is Vitacel 7 a replacement for good nutrition. However, it will certainly facilitate the absorption and utilization of those nutrients.

I want to encourage all my friends and all people who have any loss of vitality be it big or small to team more about Vitacel 7. God has used it in my life to restore me to good health and vitality.

Thankfully, Susan King




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Dr. Albert Einhorn, Dr. Ana Aslan and Dr. Robert Koch

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