A Closer Look at Medicinal Application of Marijuana

medical marijuanaThe use of cannabis, for a long time, has been viewed as a grey area in most jurisdictions. Different people hold conflicting opinions about the use of marijuana, and most of them consider the use of this plant illegal. However, the use of marijuana in the medical sphere has played a huge in restoring people’s perceptions about this plant. In light of this, the number of people using marijuana to cope or cure specific diseases has been increasing in recent years.

With most people opting to grow them on their garden, all you need to get started is garden and some seeds. Quality seeds are essential, which can be accessed if you order from reputable cannabis stores. That said, here is an outline of some significant health benefits offered by marijuana.

Helps Control Epileptic Seizures

People with epilepsy have significantly benefited from the use of marijuana. A potent dose of cannabis will undoubtedly help reduce the number or severity of epileptic seizures. This benefit is linked to THC, an active compound in marijuana that binds the brain cells that makes you feel relaxed. Marijuana’s ability to deal with this medical condition is among the reasons provided for the legalization of marijuana by proponents of cannabis.

Helps Arthritis Cope With Pain

Rheumatoid arthritis can make your life unbearable for both the patient and their family members. Painkillers seldom help in assisting patients in managing this pain. Not only does it help in achieving a significant drop in the magnitude of the pain that they are dealing with, but cannabis can also help with the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Aids in Treating Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a medical condition that is often characterized by pressure buildup on the eyeball. The long-term effect of this condition is blindness, which results when the optic nerve is injured. Medical studies have it that taking some marijuana can indeed treat glaucoma, considering that it reduces the buildup on your eyes.

Prevents the Onset of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is one of those diseases you do not wish to have, or see in a loved one. As such, the use of marijuana has been proven to delay or prevent the onset of this age-related ailment. The active compound in marijuana, THC, plays an active role slowing down the formation of amyloid plaque, which causes Alzheimer’s. Based on clinical studies, THC is able to achieve this by blocking the production of the enzyme that creates amyloid plaque.…

Why You’re Getting a Drug Test & How to Beat It

lab test microscope

Having to take a drug test usually means something good is stirring up like getting a new job or a promotion. However, it can also be as a result of wrongdoing like a post-accident or probation. Once or even twice, you’ve thought of cheating when taking a drug test. Or maybe you are just curious about how the drug tests work.

Before going to how to beat the drug tests, take a look at some of the reasons why you may undergo a drug test.


Before getting employed, a drug test is something universal. The test is usually part of the hiring process. The most common drug test that employers will choose is the urine test because it’s cheap and straightforward.employment test


In the process of hiring, there are several drug tests you’ll take, as stated above. Well, likely you passed the initial drug screening. But remember if you are working your way up the job position ladder, you will have to take another drug test and you have to pass it. The same deal applies here-you’ll face a urine test.


In life, some things occur without being ready for them. One of these things is an accident. If you were in a crash that landed you in a hospital, you will take a drug test and most likely a blood test. The test is usually to help in clearing your name in case there are suspicions of you being responsible for the accident.


Probation will likely be as a result of suspicion or being part of a minor offense. Here, a urine test and even hair follicle test is what you will likely face. The good thing about these tests is that they are scheduled in advance; therefore, you have all the time you need for damage control.

Ways to Pass a Urine Drug Test

Here, you’ll get to know what you can do to beat a drug test. Ways you can achieve this include the following;

Diluting the Urine Sample

It means the urine sample contains a high amount of water content than the average amount. The goal of this is to minimize the levels of drugs visible in the urine. The most common way of dilution that people use is an addition of pure water directly to their urine sample.

Substituting the Urine

urine samplesIt is the only method of beating a drug test with a consistent rate of success. It happens when the person going for the urine test submits urine that does is not his or hers. One way to do this is by purchasing one of the best synthetic urine like quick fix 6.2 and submitting instead of yours. Guys at Crider Center have covered how to use and where to buy this product from in this quick fix urine guide here. Other techniques include the use of synthetic urine, liquid urine, and urine from another person. The challenge to these methods is maintaining the urine at the required temperature.

Adulterating the Sample

An adulterated sample or specimen refers to a tampered urine sample. The tampering is achieved by the addition of certain chemicals to the urine sample. The substances will either interfere with the laboratory equipment used for test or mask the presence of drugs. However, the added compounds are easily detected, leading to the specimen being flagged as tainted.…