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Help Fight Depression

"There are few medicinal substances on the market today which have undergone as much clinical scientific testing as Gerovital GH3. There are even fewer which have shown a comparable amount of positive results for helping overcome depression signs and symptoms. Leading reasearchers have shown that GH3 (and now Vitacel GH7) is the "safest and most effective antidepressant medication ever tested.Ē Jerome Godin, GH3 to Discovery.

Depression Vitacel Help

Octber 21st 2008

My son has been taking Vitacel GH7 PLUS for over a year and a half and he referred me to your site. I have been struggling with depression and a number of other stressful disorders. I have been taking the GH7 PLUS supplements now for two weeks and my depression has lifted and I feel much better. I just order another 6 month supply online.

Thank you for such a wonderful health product it has really helped with my symptoms!

Palm Harber FL

I had heard about a supplement called Vitacel GH3 from my mom and saw what wondrous healing things it had done for treating her arthritis disease, migraine headaches and her feeling of well-being. I was very skeptical of any new potential natural cures for my depression, but finally in July of 1982, I was persuaded into taking Dr. Koch's Vitacel GH3 formula as potential cure and natural antidepressant medicine to see if it might help for my mental anxiety and depression. At the normal dosage treatment of two a day there was no effect on dealing with the anxiety. I then took four a day for another week and within the first two days of that week; I physically felt my signs and Depression symptoms lifting. I became more interested in my general life and people around me. My mood disorders and anxiety began to lessen and I could reason out all of the irrational, negative thoughts for myself again. My family and friends could see the mood enhancer of Vitacel and improvement in my life. I then had a terrible bout with a cold and the flu. I was taking antidepressant drugs and medicine such as prozac and of various sorts. I made a bad judgment. I decided to stop taking the Vitacel GH3 until I was through with the other antidepressant medication drugs and all the adverse side effects. After two weeks, the signs and symptoms of the depression started creeping back into by life. I was back into staying in bed, having crying jags, irrational mental thoughts and mood swings, and clinging to my husband almost begging him not to go to work in the mornings.

When I finally realized what was happening and stopped blaming it on my deppression illness, I immediately started back on my natural Vitacel antidepressant remedy, taking four a day for a few days. My life again smoothed out and my mood were elevated. The anxiety slowed and the signs of deppression lifted. I am now taking the most advanced natural alternative Vitacel GH-7 fomula, 2 GH7 supplement capsules a day. This is an improved GH7 supplement formulated by Dr. Robert Koch. I donít adhere to the recommendation of a rest period. When I have any undue stress in my life which affects the deppression, I just increase the dosage of GH7 to overcome and help my early signs of depression. For me, GH7 vitamin supplements, (and before that, GH3) has renewed my life and helped me deal with the mental anxiety and depression. It is wonderful to be able to share my feelings. I praise God for Dr Ana Aslan and the gift God gave her to develop GH3 and, also, for Dr Robert Koch for the gift God gave him to improve on the formulation and to make it available at a very low price here in the North West USA. I know in my heart that, if it werenít for GH7 vitamins, I would not be enjoying my life as God meant it to be.

Seattle, Washington

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I just have to let people know what a difference GH7 vitamins have made in my life. I was first introduced to Vitacel GH-7 about two months ago by the owner of a health food store. I was looking for some relief from arthritis when she told me of GH7.I started taking it that day and have taken it every day since. GH7 has changed my life and saved my sanity. I had sore, hot and swollen hands, along with pain and discomfort in other parts of my body. This is now about 75% gone.

For two to three years I had been going through terrible stress and major depression, where I cried every day at times, I did not want to go on. Within a few days after taking GH7 vitamin pills, I began overcoming the debilitating depression, I have continued to progressively improve my mental disorder by taking the Vitacel 7 and now I am better able to deal with the anxiety associated with the depression symptoms. I have traded tears for laughter and vitacel has been an excellent mood enhancer for me.

God knows what else will happen! Thanks from the bottom of my heart!


Las Vegas, Nevada 89125


Iím 64 years old. A few months ago, I started taking GH7. supplements, an improved version of Gerovital H3 and Vitacel GH3 nutriments. After a few days, I started feeling tired and had some occasional, mild headaches. But by the start of the second week, I was feeling much better than normal; and after another week passed, I noticed that my usual morning back pains from spinal arthritis were almost totally gone. I have a lot more drive and donít tire as easily as I used to. I also notice that frustrating or unpleasant experiences, which usually had a mentally depressing effect, now seem unimportant and it was now easier to deal with the depression and mood disorders. I have more ambition and I get a lot more done in a day than I did before. In short, I feel much better, both physically and mentally, than I have in many years. Itís like starting a new chapter in my life.

If you are wondering why Iím spreading the word about VITACEL GH3, I think itís one of the greatest natural medication discoveries of the century, and if enough people learn about it, maybe some day we will be able to buy it over the counter like millions of people in other countries have been doing for years. I am so pleased with the safe natural antidepressant results that I have had with GH7 remedy, and get much satisfaction from telling others about it.

Thatís all I have to say. No hype, no big claims, not high pressure. I use GH7 regularly now and it works for my Arthritis and other ailments! Read about it and make your own decision, Vitacel supplements are very reasonably priced. Better yet, why wait? Wouldnít it be worth it if it does for you what Vitacel has done for me with my depression symptoms and thousands of other people?

Niceville, FL


This is a true story!

It was a surprise coming and it was surprise going. Having lived with good health for so many wonderful years, it was difficult to handle this change that overwhelmed me and I became very depressed. I had signs and depression symptoms such as tired feeling and lack of energy, was noticed by people that I worked with as well as friends and family I attributed the cause of the depression to nerves, stress and anxiety. Lunch time at work meant rest time or perhaps a short nap. Eating became difficult. I couldnít hold a spoon or cup and had to drink through a straw, or risk spilling liquids. Someone had to tie a scarf under my chin to the top of my head because my teeth and facial hones were sore from the chattering.

Parkinson became evident and was confirmed by a brain scan and two other parkinson disease tests. My physician prescribed Eldopa medicine for the tremors and Lithium for the Depression treatment. The Eldopa medication did quiet the tremors at first but with continued use, the tremors increased. I still had thedepression and walked around in a daze. I had other incapacities. My memory was impaired and I had to write notes to remind myself to take my medication. Unfortunately, my hand shook so bad that I couldnít read my notes. I suffered other embarrassing problems. My speech was slurred and I would lose my balance, falling occasionally. Sleeping was difficult as well as rising from bed and preparing my food. It was decided that I would have to move to a nursing home. One evening my son took me for a ride thinking that a change of scenery would be enjoyable. We stopped at a store to make a purchase. The clerk noticed tremors and asked what was wrong. I told him what I had and he asked me if I knew of Vitacel 7 GH3 Vitamins. I listened and agreed to order I took my medication and Vitacel GH3 but not together. After three months I discontin≠ued the Eldopa and Librium. I had no need for either. Good health returned at last! I have been using Vitacel GH3 for two years and now, Dr. Koch's more advanced and improved GH7 formula Vitacel 7 for the last three years. I find the makes me feel stronger and I have more energy, I am better able to cope with my depression and deal with the stress of life.

Just nine months ago, I went to the doctor for a physical. He was surprised to see me looking so well. After the examination, he told me to stop taking the Eldopa medicine. My Parkinsonís symptoms appeared to be cured or in a remission. Wouldnít the Doctor be surprised to know that I had been off the medication for the past five years and my depression has also been cured!

Not-ridge, IL 60656


My wife and I have been using Vitacel 7 for the past 9 months. Primarily, what we hoped it would do was give us more energy, relieve stress and as a mood enhancer for my mild Deppression. Indeed, it did exactly the antidepressant effect desired. But, it did 2 other things for me. I lost inches. I am off 4 notches on my belt, and that amazed me. In addition to that, I look younger Both my wife and I are in our 60ís and we do not look our age.

We are very pleased with Vitacel and cannot talk enough about it. It gives us a lot of piece of mind and a sense of well being. Once I didnít get the product on time, and spent 2 or 3 days without it. I could feel the difference, the depression would creep back. It really does work. Anyone who uses Vitacel 7 will be able to recognize its value. I canít stress enough how wonderful it is. My wife and I will never stop taking this product. Vitacel 7 is something for us, and we will continue to take it to depression and for health and vitality!.

Charles Iana
Leominster, MA

Dorlandís Medical Dictionary defines the signs and symptoms of depression as, ďA psychiatric syndrome consisting of dejected mood disorders, psychomotor retardation, insomnia, and weight loss, sometimes deppression is associated with guilt feelings and somatic preoccupations, often of delusional proportions. Profound anxiety accompanied by psychomotor agitation.Ē Several times in my life I have suffered from severe depression and mental anxiety disorders and symptoms. I have always put the cause of my depression to having a weak mind, laziness, being too dependent on others, and usually ending up very stressed, I could find no reason why I should feel depressed. I cannot recall exactly when the signs and symptoms of my mood disoder and anxiety started. I feel it is a very insidious mental illness and you soon find yourself in its grips before you realize what has been happening. Dealing with the mental illness, I cried frequently and at length. I woke up with the weight of the world on my shoulders and felt that, if I could sleep and sleep and sleep, this feeling couldnít find me and I could overcome and cope. I found good in nothing, especially myself, and wanted to go nowhere. I was consumed with despairing thoughts of death, not always my own, crippling illnesses, broken families. These thoughts sometimes pushed me into an all-consuming state of depression and anxiety that only tranquilizers, traditional antidepressant drugs and medicine could help the depression and anxiety, but only on a temporary basis wich also included adverse antideppressant drug side effects.

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