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Questionable Hoodia sales tactics and practices?

The Phony Consumer Advocate: Some vendors have taken to advertising phony "Consumer Advocate" sites in top PAID positions on various search engines. Beware of these fraudulent vendors posing as consumer advocates with their so called "Ranking Reports". The "Top Picks" they offer are their own cheap inferior products used for duping the uninformed consumer.

Hoodia 60 minutes WARNING! Phony Hoodia Comparison Charts: Beware of PHONY PRODUCT RANKING and comparison RATING LISTS. Independent investigations have discovered that the high 5 Star and highly recommended Hoodia companies on these charts all point to the same manufacturer with three difference labels. Buyer beware of deceptive Hoodia comparisons that all lead to the same Hoodia manufacturer with separate labels!

Hoodia - Bait and Switch lab Reports?

Another very impressive sales tactic is to publish lab reports and test on the advertising Hoodia products website. This is known as bait and switch, whereby they show a test of a sample test of a pure genuine hoodia gordonii lab test result. On the surface this can be very convincing as proof of authenticity. There have been verifiable reports of some of the largest distributors of "supposed" pure hoodia gordonii companies showing authentic lab test, but selling an inferior product with fillers and other substances. Be aware of the bait and switch!

There are over 30 varieties of Hoodia species, but it's only the Gordonii species that has been proven to decrease caloric intake in human volunteers. The San Bushmen do not eat extracts of the Hoodia plant nor do they eat the Pulpy Leaf Flora. Many Hoodia companies are selling Hoodia extracts and filling their capsules with Pulpy Leaf Pulp and Flora parts. You want a genuine Hoodia Gordonii product from a South African licensed Aerial Stem plant source.

Cell Health Makeover - provides you with only 100% pure certified South African Hoodia Trim-Fast Gordonii diet supplements, no extracts, no fillers, and no pulpy leafy flora parts.

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