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Date: 22/11/2006 1:28:52 PM
Subject: testimonial

i just started HOODIA Trim-Fast gordonii 1 week ago and have lost 8 lbs without any exercise. I work in a busy emergency room and do 12 hour shifts, we don't get lunch breaks and you just kinda eat between patients. My coworkers bring in tons of food everyday. Recently they just had a bridal shower for one of the girls and I was not hungry at all. i didn't feel "snacky" either. I just took what i wanted off the table and the rest of the snacks and food never phased me for the rest of the 12 hour shift. I feel like I can go through the whole day without eating. I actually force myself to eat just because I know I should have something in my stomach. i'm following the weight watchers diet plan and taking your HOODIA and this is working out great for me. nothing can stop me now. Thanks for the best quality HOODIA-this natural health stuff is the REAL DEAL!!!!!

Mrs Leah Gibbs
Coatesville, Pa.

From: Cherryl Kreamer
Date: 17/10/2006 4:36:16 PM
Subject: hoodia testimonial


I would like to tell you how I have been doing on my Hoodia Gordonii Trim Fast.I have been taking your 100% pure natural health Hoodia gordonii for two months and have lost weight plus I have dropped mega inches. Its great quality Hoodia which is competitively priced and I will continue to take this the rest of my life.

I do a light meal three times a day but with Hoodia, you don't eat allot. No counting calories just eat, Hoodia will take care of the rest. You might not think it is working but just watch the inches go. Thank you Cell Health Makeover for a great natural health Hoodia product.

C Kreamer

-------Original Message - Hoodia Gordonii Trim-Fast Testimonial-

From: Kate Daenen
Date: 05/08/06 12:55:06
To: Paul Johnson
Subject: Re: Receipt

From: M. Wallace
Date: 02/24/06 10:36:00
Subject: This Hoodia stuff REALLY WORKS!!

Attn: Customer Service,

I ordered a bottle of your 100% Pure Hoodia Gordonii. diet supplement 3 weeks ago. I was a bit skeptical, but had researched several sites before deciding to purchase one of your Hoodia products. I also liked that you offer a smaller, less expensive quantity, for those of us who prefer to try it first.

IT WORKS! I've been taking 1-2 capsules before every meal with water for two weeks. (actually, I stopped taking it on the weekend after the 1st week, and noticed my appetite starting to come back.) Just as you state on your site, there are NO SIDE EFFECTS in taking this product. I was half expecting to get the jitters, or feel light-headed, but not once did I have anything of the sort. I have some serious health issues, and cannot take caffeine, and I also suffer with migraines, so it was imperative that there was real truth to your claims.

I LOVE IT!! I'm still not sure how much actual weight I've lost in the 2 weeks I've been taking Hoodia Gordonii, but I've gone from size 12-14 to a size 8-10! I eat basically whatever I want, but try to stick to the healthier foods. (My goal is to reach a size 6).

My main reason for getting on something like this all natural Hoodia Trim Fast health product was because my job is very demanding, and I rarely get to take a lunch break. I don't have time to eat, and I really hated the hunger pains. Now I keep healthy snacks in my desk, and I drink a lot of bottled water thru-out the day.

A really cool perk to taking this all natural health product is that when you do sit down to a full meal, you don't want to eat as much, and you become fuller, faster. YEAH!

Hoodia Trim-Fast gordonii is nothing like anything else I've ever taken in my life for dieting, it is the best quality Hoodia. It's amazing, and I'd recommend it to ANYONE who's ever thought about losing weight!

Word of Advice: DO NOT BUY FROM A HEALTH FOOD STORE! I've sought out two separate ones locally, and both store owners admit that what they carry is not the 100% pure hoodia.

I am so glad I found your site!

Keep up the good work!


Mindy L. Wallace
Pompano Beach, Florida

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From: Bruce Lamorie
Date: 02/21/06 08:41:50
Subject: Best Hoodia Gordonii Trim-fast Diet Supplement


My wife and I are just finishing our 3rd bottle of 100% all natural Pure Hoodia health product. Gordinii Trim Fast Diet Supplement {500 mg capsules} pills we purchased from you and wanted to tell you how pleased we are with this product. There are no side effects as there is with other diet pills and it effectively blocks your appetite so you don't wish to eat as much as previously.

We just ordered 6 more bottles and tell all our friends how wonderful it is. We could not be happier with this quality Pure Trim-Fast Hoodia product, it is the best all natural Hoodia.

Bruce Lamorie

-------Original Message------- From: Cherryl Kreamer
Date: 24/10/2006 1:41:13 PM
Subject: Hoodia Slow Carb testimonial


I would like to tell you about the Hoodia Slow Carb all natural health diet product. That with Hoodia is wonderful. Seems like I can go all day with just a snack. I do take both before Dinner as well. I have taken the Slow Carb just alone and wow it's very good .So they are winners to me.

These products are wonderful and the best buy! And your Vitalize anti-ageing cream's to die for. I love it all !!!!!!!

Thank you. I am so glad to have to have come across your website.

Cherryl Kreamer

Cites Hoodia Gordonii - LICENSED SUPPLIER Letter

Our Pure Hoodia Gordonii Trim Fast. Product is shipped USPS lab direct from our Manufacturer in Utah USA.

From: Jen Cully President To: Cell Health Makeover - Hoodia North American Division
Subject: Re: Hoodia Gordonii Trim-Fast African Desert powder source

wild hoodia godonii plant Thank you for your interest in our hoodia. If you look at the picture on our site of the Hoodia in Bloom you will see pink flowers on the tops. They smell like dead animals so they attract flies and that is how they germinate. The part of the hoodia plant that we use is the stem that comes up from the ground and the root is left in to regrow. It's like a cucumber shape. I have attached 2 pictures of hoodia growing. One is a farm photo and the other is a seedling. They ordinarily take about 4 years to grow to maturity but with all of the different vitamins and nutrients they use in horticulture today they can reach maturity at 3 years. I notice some Hoodia websites say it can grow to 6', but I have been to Africa in the last couple of months and I don't think that is possible. I saw a few hoodia farms that were ready to harvest and the plants were about 2 feet tall.

hoodia-gordonii cultivated plant I saw the same thing growing in the middle of the Kalahari desert. So it's a small spikey grouped column plant. It's also part of the healing aloe family and that is apparent when you take it. It gives you a wonderful feeling of general good health. You just feel good. No stimulants, so it's not a nervous feeling. Just healthy.

Hoodia Extracts are a much different story. To begin with, Phytopharm as you may have read, has the patent to 'synthesize' the appetite suppressing P57 molecule in Hoodia Gordonii. They have been working on it since 1996 and they partnered with Pfizer in 1997. Pfizer dropped out of the project in July of 2003 and we could only speculate as to why they did that. We believed initially that because the South African government started to issue export permits for Hoodia Gordonii and that the market would be flooded with pure whole plant material and who would use any costly drug that they might manufacture.

However, if you watched the CBS 60 Minutes Program (you can read it on CBS's site), they said in a round about way that they were having problems isolating the molecule. So, Phytopharm will be coming out with a line of Hoodia Gordonii products just like everyone else. Probably shakes and bars etc.

Since 2 giant pharmaceutical research companies cannot isolate the molecule to reproduce it after 7 years in the lab, it only stands to reason that manufacturers would have the same problem and would not be able to produce an extract. It would be too unstable and would probably end up with little or no effect.

The other thing about these extracts is that they claim to be 10:1 or 20:1 ratio of extract, and most claim 20:1. If you make a 20:1 extract it means you are taking 20kgs of that material to make 1, throwing away all but the active ingredient. That would make it a very powerful material. However, when you extract, and there are many herbal extracts that are good, you take away alot of the supporting benefits such as the aloe benefit that I mentioned previously. Some plants have great supporting properties, but when they are extracted they are gone and some of the extracts done work as well without them.

The cost to make a 20:1 is prohibitive. You would use 20kgs to make 1, so you would throw away 19. Their cost for 1 60 capsule bottle of hoodia would be 150.00 USD and they would not be able to sell it for unter 200.00 per bottle.

The other thing you will notice is that we list our licensing on our site. Both Western Cape and CITES (cites is a UN watchdog for endangered species,(plant and animal), will not allow anyone to have that licensing on their site unless they are licensed. There are on 5 licenses issued for export of Hoodia and 1 is in Asia, 3 in Europe and 1 in North America. That would be us...We are also a raw material and ingredient supplier for the nutra/phamarceutical and vet industries and this is the first product we thought was worth putting a label on. It's awesome.

Hope I answered your questions. Please let me know if I can help further.

Have a great day.
Regards, Jen Cully
President Hoodia Canada Inc

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