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Unique 100% Pure Hoodia Gordonii

Trusted Quality All Natural Weight Loss Diet Pill

500 MG Formula

Possibly the safest, most effective and powerful appetite suppressant in weight loss diet pill history...

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Licenced by Western Cape Conservation Authority of
South Africa and CITES certified African Hoodia Gordonii.

...DOES HOODIA REALLY WORK? "...A really cool perk to taking this best quality 100% Hoodia Trim-Fast gordonii product is that when you do sit down to a full meal, you don't want to eat as much, and you become fuller, faster. YEAH!
Hoodia Trim-Fast gordonii is nothing like anything else I've ever taken in my life for dieting. The effects of the Hoodia plant is amazing, and I'd recommend it to ANYONE who's ever thought about losing weight!
Word of Advice: DO NOT BUY FROM A HEALTH FOOD STORE! I've sought out two separate ones locally, and both store owners admit that what they carry is not the 100% pure Hoodia. Avoid products with fillers...
" I am so glad I found your best quality Hoodia site!
Keep up the good work!
Mindy L.
Pompano Beach, Florida
According to our authentic Cites licensed South African all natural 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii diet pill weight loss supplier - The "MOST" Important Document that comes with real pure Hoodia Gordonii from South Africa is a license issued by Western Cape Conservation Authority of South Africa and CITES. -CITES is a UN watchdog for endangered species, plants and animals and will not allow licensing on their site unless licensed!! "We do not list our licensing on the Internet as it would be copied and stolen by others". Be wary of sites that place bogus licensing for everyone to copy! Western Cape Conservation Authority monitors all Hoodia websites and allows only those with licensing to advertise that they have material licensed through Western Cape and CITES. There are many scam sites on the Internet that give false and misleading information. Compare and get the Hoodia Gordonii facts before you buy.

fresh wild hoodia godonii plant fresh hoodia-gordonii cultivated plant
----Wild Hoodia Gordonii -------- Greenhouse Cultivated

Our amazing quality balance Hoodia powder raw materials supplier, is "1 of 5", in the world (..and the only one in North America) granted a license for import and distribution of authentically grown South African “Aerial stem, only,” powdered Hoodia Gordonii. Not the discarded pulpy leaf/flowers extracts or 20:1 and 10:1 extract ratios that some products offer. With the scarcity of the Hoodia plant, this would make it financially too expensive to produce. Even if possible, just isolating the active compound P57 and H57 from the plant through concentrates, extracts and 20:1 / 10:1 ratios, or into a “drug” as “Pfizer” attempted, all other important supporting medicinal ingredients, like the ALOE in the Hoodia, which in part what helps suppress the appetite, are left out of the equation.

Balance independent studies have shown that without the supporting ingredients in the unprocessed Hoodia, much of the potency of the diet suppressant side effects and medicinal benefits are lost.

"Real and true authentic Hoodia Gordinii plants, also, grows to 2 ft or so, only, and takes up to 4 years before ready for harvest. Our best quality 100% Pure HOODIA GORDONII TRIM-FAST is grown on licensed and monitored outdoor farms and is routinely visited our Hoodia gordonii raw material supplier, for guaranteed delivery of quality 100% pure Hoodia ingredients. Any website claiming the plants grow up to 6 ft tall, either is talking about a different Hoodia plant (there are few) or, it’s grown under cultivated Greenhouse conditions whereby the potency is lost through growth inducement, lack of direct sunlight and wild South African Kalahari desert conditions.

HOODIA Gordonii TRIM-FAST - 500 MG 100% Pure Diet Supplements


...Shipped USPS to USA only!
FREE SHIPPING! USPS 1st class Mail
Trim-Fast USA

Order now...and Stock up while Hoodia quantities last. It is a known fact within the Hoodia industry, that current drought conditions in South Africa, are putting upward pressure on pure Hoodia prices, due to lack of pure wild Hoodia Gordonii supply!

$$$-Hoodia prices are subject to change-$$$

-Shipped 1st Class
or Global Express with Tracking #...

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