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September 8, 1983

Iíve been taking GH3 since April 2, 1983, and feel Iím overdue in sharing my story. I was introduced to GH3, by my brother-in-law, Mr. Sam Jenkins. At first, I was the typical doubting ďTom.Ē However, my health, especially my primary pulmonary Hypertension symptoms, had gotten to the point I was willing to try any alternative medicine treatment. I felt could truly be of help or relieve the hypertension symptoms. As a result, I tried GH3, following is my story:

During September, 1976, I had experienced either a severe nervous breakdown or a mild stroke. I was 37 hears of age at that time. From then until 1983, I have been on medication for hypertension, high blood pressure, asthma, and allergies; and I have taken five prescription medicine drugs to control these problems. It seems as my doctor had stated all drugs may treat the immediate problem. However, each drug may have a side effect. Permit me to address each of the above problems individually.

PRIMARY PULMONARY HYPERTENSION Treatment for this Hypertension blood disorder, has been to take prescriptions of Oretic or Hydrochlorothiaz medication, once daily. After a time, it was discovered potassium was leaving my system too fast. So I began taking a Kloivess ďliquid potassium one tablet dailyĒ. Follow-up visits to the doctor for the Hypertension symptoms, revealed my blood pressure remained up and down, ranging from a high of 160/102 to a low of 130/88. Both hypertension medications were increased to twice daily, still the blood pressure was not controlled. Catapres, a heart medicine pill, was added to slow my heart. This seemed to help for a time. However, the up and down problem reoccurred. After 5 days of taking Dr. Koch's Vitacel GH3 formula. I quit taking the heart medication but continued with the blood pressure medication, potassium, and GH3. My next visit to the doctor revealed my blood pressure had dropped to 130/88, then 120/70, 130/82, never above th acceptable level for my age group. Since using Vitacel GH3, my blood pressure and primary pulmonary Hypertension is now under control. Iím convinced that in time I will be able to discontinue the blood pressure medication and the liquid potassium having replaced them with the alternative natural GH3 remedy, with is not a drug.

SINUSES - I have had sinus problems as long as I can remember and it seems over the years, the problem grew worse. Most nights, especially during the winter months, between allergies and sinuses, I could only sleep sitting up. I would go to bed and within an hour or so, 1 would be plugged-up in my nose and chest which would cause me to wake. I was using Dristan, Sine-Off Cold-Ease, etc. to control the allergies and sinus, still, it would be necessary for me to sit up to sleep. I would sleep an hour or so, be awake two to three hours, sleep an hour, etc. This routine had gone on for so long, I was physically and mentally drained. The sinus headaches were frequent and severe. All of the drugs for this problem kept my blood pressure out of control. From the first day of using GH3, I have not taken drugs of any kind for sinus. The headaches are gone and my sinus problem is non-existent. What a relief. Again restful, effective sleep.

STRESS/TENSION - I am employed as supervisor in the field of personnel management. I normally work 8 to 10 hours daily and occasionally 8 hours on Saturday Being mental work within itself is stressful, however, my heart Hypertension health problems compounded this situation. Since using Vitacel GH3, Iíve sensed a relaxed, calm feeling. The stress factors are still there but I am now able to deal with the situation in a calm, matter-of-fact way.

ABSORPTION - The necessity of using all the drugs had upset my ability to absorb and utilize the needed nutrients from food and vitamins I was taking in. [had been defecating four and five times daily It was suggested that I try GH3. After five days, the defecating decreased to twice daily and my energy level was much improved. After two weeks using Vitacel, my absorption was back to normal.

BURSITIS-FUNGUS-MOLES - After using Vitacel GH3 for five months, I have noticed some secondary benefits. In January and June of each year I suffered from severe Bursitis in my back, shoulder and arms. The pain in my back was so severe at times would walk bent over and with a shuffle. I could raise my arms no higher than straight out. My doctor said Cortisone shots would help but the thought of a shot directly into the bones convinced me Iíd live with the pain. Well, praise the Lord, since using GH3. June has come and gone and no sign of Bursitis. Two years ago, I sought treatment to determine why all the toe nails on my left foot were rotting. I was told this was a fungus and I would need to take an internal medicine for at least one year to kill the fungus. The side effect of this medicine would be upset stomach. Since I was feeling so poorly, it was recommended I not try this. The problem progressed to where the toe nails on the right foot began rotting also. Two weeks ago, I noticed one toe nail on my left foot had grown back to normal, and all the toe nails on the right foot had cleared up to normal. So apparently GH-3 is solving this problem. I have noticed too the brown moles on my body seem to be drying up and are shedding. These benefits are all without drugs which cause side effects. AMAZING!

In summary, thanks to Vitacel, I feel like a new me. I now am ridding myself of drugs, stress, allergies, Hypertension, and I have my sinus problems under control. I enjoy the benefit of restful, effective sleep. THANK GOD for Dr. Ana Aslan and her discovery of GH3, and for Dr. Robert Koch for improving upon the original Gerovital H3.


5905 68th Ave East
Puyallup, Washington 98371


I feel I had a pretty good vitamin program worked out for myself, but now with Vitacel GH-7 added in, I do feel much better I had some arthritis starting to come into a finger in my left hand, even though I was taking fish oil. After only two and one half weeks, the arthritis was gone. My Hypertension symptoms have subsided and my blood pressure has gone from 136 over 86 to 127 over 76. A pain in my right shoulder has lessened quite a bit. I get up early each morning and feel more refreshed. I have more energy all day long and I donít get hungry as often as I used to. Because of not getting hungry as much, Iím losing weight without really trying.


319 Bershire Road
Fairless Hills, PA 19030


Let me tell you about my affair with Vitacel Products and NEL.

Our dramatic meeting, about June 1989 cleared up my edematous left leg problem I presumed to be related to my Hypertension problem, which I regretfully elected to ignore until it nearly killed me.

Unfortunately we grew apart until, after having suffered a major CVA (stroke), with blood pressure of about 250/150 at the time, June 1992, which left me crippled and in deep mental depression, I began taking GH7, six to eight tablets everyday. It wasnít long before my depression lifted and my paralytic condition improved so much that I started learning how to walk again, for the third time in my life. My doctors were impressed with my progress, but not as impressed as I was.

Then, after taking Flavanol and Vitacel 8 six tablets of each everyday for 10-12 days, I began to walk a longer distance without having to stop and rest. I havenít had so much energy since I was a youngster playing little league football. I cant remember ever feeling so good!

My Hypertension symptoms and blood pressure has never been as acceptable as it is now (105/70), even with medication, so I may soon be off the Hydrochlorothiazide and Zestril medicines, and their major side effects. The next time my Doctor tells me I need blood pressure medication to live, Iíll correct him, by respectfully replying, ďI need Flavanol, Vitacel GH-7 and 8 to live, and you can keep your drugs, thank you!Ē

The money saved by not taking these heart and blood pressure medications, will easily pay for my continued affair with Vitacel.

William Powell
P.O. Box 3107
Apopka, FL 32703-0107

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