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doctor gh3 anti-aging testimonials

"GH3 is a state-of-the art in anti-aging formula. Anyone who wants to prevent or alleviate age-related diseases should be taking GH3 every day".

Dr. Hans Kluger, Associated Professor at Chicago's Roosevelt University

- Author of "Slowing Down the Aging Process"

The truth is that in the GH7, all the procaine HCl is complexed and protected which makes it theoretically 6 times more active than GH3. Through the years used by thousands of people has provided the evidence and case histories to more than substantiate this.

Other companies produce GH3 and similar products that contain procaine HCl and the other ingredients necessary to make GH3 and the Vitacel products. They list them on their labels but they do not have a valid product. They mix the dry ingredients together and tablet them or put them in capsules without first forming the procaine complexes.

Dr. Robert Koch DSc

"GH3 is a major step forward in the field of anti-aging supplement products. The metabolites of procaine have enormous impact on restoring key areas in the body. Vitacel GH3 has deservedly earned a strong anti-aging reputation among the older population – Vitacel GH3 enhances joint mobility and arterial health, improves mental acuity while chasing the blues away, and it also rejuvenates the skin. It's what you can call an all-body antiaging formula for postponing the signs and symptoms of age related diseases".

Dr. Paul Yutsis, M.D.

"I believe that GH3 also improves the oxygen capacity of the blood. What happens, you improve the function of every organ in the body. GH3 has different effects on different people, sometimes you don't even notice what's happening to you until somebody asks if you've had a facelift! The most notable effect of GH3 is that loose, flaccid skin becomes smooth and tight rather quickly".

Dr. David Kratz, USA

"Every month I am more amazed with the anti-aging results - after giving GH3 to 50 patients and taking it himself for several months – they are not only very significant physical improvements, but mental health and emotional health improvements as well".

Dr. Albert Simard, Member of the American Medical Association


“Of 17 patients who "wanted to age better" - 15 reported a sense of well being, relaxation, better sleep, energy and sex drive.”

UCLA: Cohen/Ditman

"A number of anti aging research studies indicate that GH3 containing an active ingredient (procaine hydrochloride), has beneficial effects on various chronic diseases and complaints of old age, including Athritis, depression, Hypertension and blood pressure abnormalities.

USC: Hrachovec


"We have found procaine to be an effective antidepressant inhibitor of MAO and to be clinically effective in alleviating depression and reducing psychotic symptoms associated with schizophrenia"

Rockland State Hospital: Bucci / Saunders

"Depression is often caused by too much MAO (mono-ameno oxidase ), especially in older people. MAO is a vital for the body's correct functioning, but when it is present in excessive quantities depression follows automatically.” GH3 helps to regulate Mono-Ameno Oxidase - MAO... safely

Professor Ana Aslan M.D, D.Sc.

GH3 has been shown to be a more (potent anti-depressant inhibitor of MAO, than procaine. This mode actions in marked contrast to that exhibited by other anti-depression inhibitors of MAO, that are used clinically for the treatment of depression and hypertension. For example it has been demonstrated that Eutonyl and Nardil and Parnate are IRREVERSIBLE inhibitors of MAO, and it has been widely reported that patients given IRREVERSIBLE inhibitors of MAO may experience hypertensive reactions manifested by Chest pains, Headaches, Fatal Intercranial Haemorrhages particularly after eating certain foods containing tyramine (cheese and wine) and after ingesting certain commonly used clod remedies. On the other hand, hypertensive reactions have NOT been reported in patients treated with Vitacel; consequently there are NO RESTRICTIONS on the type of food that may be enjoyed while taking GH-3"

(USC: MacFarlane)

"The weak, reversible fully competitive inhibitor of MAO produced by GH3 is in marked contrast to the potent, irreversible inhibition of MAO produced by currently available antidepressant agents. The mechanism by which Gerovital GH3 inhibits MAO may help to explain the absence of severe adverse reaction with GH3 that is traditionally associated with irreversible MAO inhibitor antidepressant drugs".

(USC: MacFarlane/Besbris)


"It is the purpose of this report to show that the membrane Anemia rigidity which is associated with "irreversible sickle cells" is reduced in the presence of Procaine Hydrochloride and that Sickle Cell Anemia may be made deformable by the same material".

(USC: Baker/Powers/Haywood)

Dr. Albert Simard, Member of the American Medical Association.

" Every month I am more amazed with the Anti-Aging research results - After giving Vitacel GH3 to 50 patients, (and taking it myself for several months) - they are not only very significant physical improvements, but mental & emotional ones as well.

UK Anti-aging Research

"I am a consultant in the National Health Service, currently practicing in Hampshire. I have recommended GH3 products to various adult patients, colleagues and friends, as well as taking the product myself. Ignoring the wealth of antiaging research material available, I myself have observed what I believe to be major improvements in arthritic and other physically degenerative disease problems, and possibly even more significantly, in depression syndromes. I am aware that GH3 is a MAO (mono-amino oxidase) inhibitor, and as such gradually allows the body to produce some MAO after a period, unlike all other MAO blockers used in treating depression which have inherent side-effects. My own observations lead me to believe that Vitacel GH3 products, have no side-effects. I have no hesitation in recommending this product to the public generally!"

Recorded Anti-Aging Benefits:
  • Sharper vision, and headaches may disappear
  • Enhanced immunity and resistance to infection
  • Restore hair growth and return gray hair to natural color
  • Improved memory and intellectual capacity
  • Reversal of osteoporosis and relief of arthritic symptoms
  • Restore size of aging, shrinking organs - liver, brain, heart etc
  • Reduce body fat & increase muscle mass without exercise
  • Faster injury healing, including wounds and fractures
  • Improved sexual drive and performance
  • Reduced blood pressure and cholesterol
Dr. J. MB., Ch.B. Hampshire

GH3 therapy can alleviate or retard diseases of the aged, such as arthritis, arteritis, cerebral arteriosclerosis, stomach ulcers, scant or blurred eyesight, ringing in the ears, noises in the ears, hard-of-hearing, certain heart conditions, alopecia and many other conditions.”

Dr. Hoffer

New Technology in Dietary Supplementation

In 1990, after clinically testing GH3 one of the components produced naturally by using Procaine Based Nutriments, Dr. Ronald Klatz, President of the American Academy of Anti-Aging stated: "GH3 quickly improves the function of every organ in the body, grey hair diminishes and loose, wrinkled skin becomes firm and smooth as if you had a face-lift!"

Dr. Ronald Klatz, President of American Academy of Anti-Aging.


by Ron Kennedy, M.D., Santa Rosa, California

Interest for research in the field of anti-aging is, to put it mildly, hot. A transformation in the paradigm which governs thinking about aging is taking place in the minds of scientist in the field of gerontology at this moment. Until recently, in the minds of scientists (and even now in the minds of the lay public), aging has been seen as an absolutely unavoidable phenomenon, programmed into the genes. Now, aging is coming to be seen, at least in part, as a result of a kind of wearing down process which may be possible to prevent.

Even the field of gene anti-aging research is hot on the trail of extended longevity with the recent discovery of antiaging mortality genes, one of which can be turned off by a protein called "Senstatin." The ambience around the field of anti-aging is full of hope. It has not always been so. The ambience around aging has been one of absolute despair and resignation. This may explain the difficulty encountered in the U.S. by proponents of Gerovital.

The prelude to the story of Gerovital H3 begins with Sigmund Freud around the turn of the century. Freud had made cocaine a well-known item, initially believing cocaine to be a completely safe wonder drug with no risks. Then he, and a host of other people around him, became addicted to the substance. Freud was able to kick the addiction and go on about his studies in psychoanalysis. Others were not so fortunate.

The story of Gerovital H3 begins in 1905 with a German scientist named Alfred Einhorn. Einhorn decided it might be possible to synthesize a drug which would have all the effects of cocaine with none of its addictive properties. In 1905, he synthesized a drug from para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) and diethylaminoethanol (DEAE), both of which are found in normal human metabolism, and came up with procaine hydrochloride.

This turned out not to have the hallucinogenic properties of cocaine, and for this reason Dr. Einhorn was disappointed. However, he discovered it did work even better than cocaine as a local anesthetic. When this new drug made its way into American medicine and dentistry, it was given the trade name of Novocaine. Probably, you have had some dental work made possible by a stiff shot of procaine to prevent pain.

Procaine is known to have vasodilating properties (increasing the blood flow to whatever tissue into which it is injected); it was also known to be a thyroid inhibitor, a muscle relaxant and an antihistamine. Well-informed doctors were well aware of these effects of procaine through the 1920s, 30s and 40s. This included one Dr. Ana Aslan, a Romanian doctor practicing in Bucharest.

Among all these doctors who took a close look at procaine, only Dr. Aslan noticed another antiaging quality of procaine, which everyone else had missed: its anti-aging properties. Suspecting that procaine could somehow slow down aging, Dr. Aslan began researching this antiageing possibility.

Dr. Aslan designed a special preparation of procaine, which she called Gerovitl h3 or "GH3." Gerovital h3 is a two percent solution of procaine with benzoic acid added as a preservative and Sodium Metabisulfite as an antioxidant. These additives take away its anesthetic power. This is useful, because GH3 is not designed to be used as an anesthetic. Once in the body, procaine breaks down into its component parts, para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) and diethylaminoethanol (DEAE) which, as we know, occur as products of normal body metabolism.

Procaine has been proven to extend the life span of laboratory rats by 21%, as well as Nematodes, a kind of worm used for drug testing. Many people believe it extends the life of all cells, including those of human beings. This is backed up by Dr. Aslan's studies, which document an average of 29% increase in longevity with the use of GH3. GH3 also is useful in the treatment of depression in the elderly and in the treatment of arthritis, sexual impotence and elevated serum cholesterol.

People who take it, however, including Dr. Aslan, do so because of the strong possibility that Gerovital slows down the aging process and because of the strong quality it has to return a person to the experience of being young and vigorous. This latter quality is particularly strong in people over 45 years old. How, then, does Gerovital work?

There is an enzyme, present in cells throughout the body, called "monoamine oxidase" (abbreviated "MAO"). The major function of this enzyme is to destroy norepinephrine. Norepinephrine is an important transmitter of impulses between nerves. It is important that norepinephrine be held within a narrow range of concentration in the body, otherwise convulsions and death would be the result. Therefore, MAO is an important, even vital, part of body chemistry. It helps hold norepinephrin within that narrow range by destroying excess.

However, at age 45 MAO begins to be produced in greater amounts than before resulting in a dramatic lowering of norepinephrine. The antidepressant and anti-aging effect on the mind and body is remarkable — in many people youth and vitality begin to be ushered out the door at age 45 and old age begins to set in. Gerovital h3 prevents this. Still, how does Gerovital h3 work, and why does it have no undesirable side effects?

As it turns out, procaine is a weak, reversible, competitive MAO inhibitor. This means it competes with MAO without destroying it, so when norepinephrine becomes elevated and MAO is needed, it is still present and able to do its job. Until then, procaine holds it in check, allowing normal, healthy, youthful levels of norepinephrine. Procaine does this by occupying the spot on the cell membrane ordinarily occupied by MAO.

When norepinephrine becomes elevated, procaine (in some way not understood) stands down, allowing MAO to assume its position and do its job. This is how GH3 works. There are other MAO inhibitors available. However, they work by destroying MAO and this often tips the scales too far in the direction of a flood of norepinephrine, which can have severe, even fatal, results.

This leaves the question of why there are no side effects to the procaine in GH3. Aside from the fact it is a reversible MAO inhibitor, it also is made of molecules (PABA and DEAE) which are normal in the metabolism of the body. Therefore, procaine is easily metabolized into the body's normal chemistry when it is broken down into its component molecules.

As far as dosage goes, I believe each person is different, and the proper dosage should be determined by the way your body responds. Intermittent series of treatments, which has been traditional with Gerovital, make no sense to me. If the preparation works (and it does) then you should take a maintenance dosage. One side effect you should watch for is mild thyroid suppression. If this occurs, it is easily corrected....

Natural ways to jumpstart your thyroid

Diet and exercise are extremely important. In fact, moderate exercise is one of the most important things a person can do to jumpstart their metabolism and endocrine system. Simply walking, 20-30 minutes a day several times a week (or even three, 10 minute daily walks) can stimulate thyroid function, increase energy and stamina, reduce stress and help fight depression.

Important dietary considerations

•Add Iodine-rich foods, such as seafood and kelp
•Sometimes, with a slow thyroid, it’s what you eat that can be detrimental. Certain foods such as cabbage, brussel sprouts, kale, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, when eaten raw, can suppress thyroid function. It is usually ok to eat to eat them if they are steamed or cooked. In cases of severe thyroid problems, it is best to avoid them.
•Some practitioners advise reducing or eliminating processed sugar and flour as well. Yeast, (candida albicans and other forms) feed on sugar and can suppress thyroid function
•Detoxifying or cleansing can help rejuvinate a sluggish endocrine system

Supplements to try

•L-tyrosine and Amino acids
•B vitamins which improve oxygenation in cells and energy and are needed for proper thyroid function.
•Vitamin C helps improve immune function and stress hormones
•Ginseng can be added for energy

Herbs that can be used

•Bladder wrack
•Black cohosh
•Uva Ursi

If you are 45 or over, you can experience benefit from Gerovital or GH3. This benefit is nothing more or less than the prevention or antiaging correction of premature aging and degeneration.


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New Anti Aging benefits discovered.

In the late '40's Dr. Ana Aslan of the National Geriatric Institute in Bucharest was looking for ways to bring relief from pain in the arthritic joints of elderly patients. One of her tests included Procaine. The patients did get relief plus increased mobility, but that was not all - they began to exhibit improvements in both physical and mental well being, far beyond the arthritic benefits.

These improvements were definite but small and Dr. Aslan and her team realized that the Procaine rapidly broke down, only remaining active in the body for a very short time. They added two stabilizing agents which had the effect of sustaining the Procaine in the body for up to 9 hours. After considerable improvements in the protective coating to protect the compound from the digestive system, GH3 had arrived.

15,000 workers studied over 2 Years' double-blind trial.
Dr Aslan undertook a 2 year study of 15,000 workers. During this study the sick days off work of those on GH3 fell by 40%. While Dr Aslan was making her study a serious flu epidemic swept across Europe. The death-rate among the research group was 2.7%. At the same time, among those receiving "normal" medical treatment, the death-rate was 13.9%, more than 5 times higher.

Depression. Professor Ana Aslan M.D, D.Sc.

"Depression is often caused by too much MAO (Mono-Amino Oxidase), especially in older people. MAO is a vital for the body's correct antidepressant functioning, but when it is present in excessive quantities depression follows automatically (GH3 helps to regulate MAO-Mono-Amino Oxidase... safely)."

Contra-indications, side-effects.
"GH3 has no side effects but it can affect some medications." (David Rathbone - Investigative Journalist). "Through 50 years of research and usage, GH3 has never shown adverse side-effects... however some people have slight headaches or a feeling of nausea for two to three days while the body de-toxifies & adjusts.
  • 1 person in 6000 may have a slight reaction such as a slight rash or a prickling sensation in the skin (Dr Aslan studies) due to detoxification.
  • Where other medications are "sulfa" based antibiotics (sulphonamides), for instance, then GH3 has been found to neutralize them."

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