Steroid Free Performance Sport Supplements

by James Keith Ortego

performance vitamins VITACEL Performance Vitamins products - For Endurance, Strength and Recovery

For the past two years, a new organic muscle buider performance sport supplements, developed by Dr Robert Koch in the USA, called Vitacel 7, has been tested eargerly. This product is an improved version of the proven Ultra Vital H4, Aslavital, Gerovital GH3 and has some of the same ingredients with additional buffers that protect the key ingredients.

The original version of Gerovital GH3 sport supplement was developed by Romanian cardiologist Dr. Ana Aslan which she called Asalvital . Back in the 1950's, Dr. Ana Aslan was searching for a formula that would slow or reverse the effects of aging. The scientist also was seeking medical treatments for age-related diseases. Even if this formula did not extend life, perhaps it could make our golden years free of disease and misery.

After many years of disappointment, Dr. Aslan developed a formula called Gerovital GH3. It was created on the premise of identifying age-related markers, then attempting to alter them. Age-related markers are substances in our bodies (hormones, protein, etc.) that change as we age. Two examples with which bodybuilders are familiar are growth hormone (GH) and testosterone. These are two anabolic hormones that help build muscle mass and reduce bodyfat accumulation. As every serious bodybuilder knows, our natural production of both GH and testosterone decline as we get older; therefore, they can be classified as age-related markers.

Dr. Ana Aslan discovered another such marker called monomine oxidase -MAO. MAO levels in humans stay the same until our mid-30's, as we age they begin to increase dramatically every year. While the chemical is present in the blood-stream, it is mostly concentrated in the brain. It's also been noted that higher levels of MAO are found in people afflicted with mental illness, deppression, arthritis and arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

The next logical step was to find a safe substance to reduce MAO levels. From this research, the aforementioned Gerovital GH3 formula was born. According to Eastern Bloc research released in the early 1990's, Gerovital H3 - GH3 was credited with helping many millions of people in Europe, including Nikita Khrushchev, the prime minister of the Soviet Union at the time.

Shortly thereafter, Ana Aslan's antiaging work became famous worldwide in the scientific community. Over the years, Ana Aslan kept records of many patients who received regular treatments with Gerovital H3. These patients lived approximately 25-30 percent longer than the average life expectancy.

Several years ago doctors discovered that procaine HCl, the main ingredient in Gerovital GH3 was not related to the direct effects of procaine on the body. Instead it was found that this substance is actually broken down in the body into diethylaminoethanol - DEAE. DEAE is then quickly converted into the popular life-extension compound dimethylaminoethanol -DMAE. Furthermore, another beneficial substance, para-amino benzoic acid - PABA, is also a byproduct of procaine HCl.

One antiaging study was conducted comparing the effects of procaine HCl on one group of patients with the effects of DMAE and PABA on another. The results of the study showed no significant difference between the two groups, indicating that these two latter substances appear to be the active compounds responsible for metabolic changes.

DMAE has a variety of functions in the body. It is a precursor of choline, which aids in the repair and stabilization of cell membranes. Supplemental choline does not increase cellular choline levels much due to its inability to be absorbed into the cellular membranes. DMAE, however, can cross the membrane barrier and then turn into choline.

Increasing the choline levels is also beneficial because it raises acetylcholine levels. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter responsible for carrying signals from on e nerve to another. This chemical is found all over the body, including the brain. High levels of it can increase the connection between the brain and muscles, as well as sharpen mental alertness and memory.

PABA is a common nutrient found in many performance vitamin formulas. Many of these sport supplement formulas, however, do not contain PABA in a bio-usable form. Reportedly. PABA has been shown to prevent and in some cases reverse gray hair. It is also thought to help keep skin texture elastic and may work to postpone wrinkles.

One of the major problems associated with aging is the ability of MAO to reduce levels of acetylcholin, which causes muscular weakness, fatigue and a decreased mental capacity to learn and remember new information. All of this evidence appears to be significant in terms of delaying the aging process.

The second generation of Gerovital GH3 was called Ultra vital H4 or Aslavital GH3. It was marketed as a "Soviet secret" performance vitamin for building muscle and strength. Real GH3 and Ultra vital H4 was available for a short period of time a few years ago, but most of the products sold in the U.S. were fake.

Since then, a new patented advanced performance sport supplement formula GH3 product has emerged, developed by American Dr. Robert Koch called Vitacel GH-7, which is superior to the other performance vitamin formulas and contains a variety of anti-aging nutrients including procaine HCl. The two primary uses of Vitacel 7 are to slow the aging process, increase strength, and speed the muscular recovery of athletes.

My first study of Dr. Koch's Vitacel 7 took place in 1992. Five bodybuilders participated. Subjects under 200 lbs. were given two tablets 1-2 hours prior to each workout. Subjects over 200 lbs. were administered three tablets in the same manner. All tablets were consumed 1-2 hours after food intake.

Two bodybuilders used the product for six weeks, while the other three used it for four weeks. Four of the five subjects experienced muscular strength increases ranging from 3-4.5 percent. One subject did not experience any significant increases. The athletes who used Vitacel 7 for six weeks did not exhibit any significant strength gains over those who used it for four weeks. This suggests that a strength plateau had not been reached. All athletes reported a dramatic decrease in muscle soreness and said they felt that they recovered much faster than normal. Most subjects claimed that a decrease in lactic acid burn was also apparent during workouts. Mental awareness and energy levels also rose. No significant increase in muscle mass, however, were noted by any of the athletes.

In a later study conducted in 1994, four tablets of Dr. Koch's Vitacel 7 were taken by a larger group of subjects -- two in the morning before breakfast and two more 1-2 hours before workouts. Strength increases were noted in the 5-6 percent range, along with dramatic increase in recovery, mental alertness and energy.

How safe is thissport supplement called Vitacel GH-7? These two studies did not show any negative side effects. If the data from Ana Aslan is accurate, the only side effect is a longer, more disease-free life. No one who used the product for 30-40 years, however, could be found to verify these accounts. On the other hand, no negative findings were discovered, either. More research is necessary, but Dr. Koch's Vitacel 7 appears to be the latest in a long line of performance vitamins and health-enhancing life extension supplements developed in the Eastern Bloc and more recently brought to light in the West.

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James Keith Ortego's book, Anabolics For Size And Strength, covers five years of research on steroid-free supplements.

Nutrition, Fitness and Health Which Exercise Does What?

* Strengthening exercises stabilize weak joints by increasing muscle strength. When doing these exercises, you don't necessarily use joint motion, but primarily challenge the muscle.

* Range-of -motion, or flexibility, exercises help maintain and increase the mobility of the joint, improve joint function, and decrease arthritis pain. They are intended to move a joint only as far as it will go without discomfort, and then stretch it a bit more.

* Endurance exercises rhythmically use the major muscle groups of the body, increasing heart and breathing rate, and thereby strengthen the heart and lungs, as well as build stamina.

Building Muscles Is Strong Medicine

The best way to keep Father Time or Mother Nature from stealing your skeletal muscles is to exercise regularly Without regular strength-promoting exercise, the average adult loses about one-half pound of muscle every year after the age of 25, while gaining fat weight. Low-intensity workouts are an excellent way to tone muscle and derive numerous health benefits.

Benefit #1: Muscle is the body's major fat burner. Not only does it primarily burn calories while being exercised, it continues to consume a small additional amount of calories for several hours after a workout while recuperating and rebuilding.

Benefit #2: For older folks, stronger muscles are linked to better balance and reduced risk of injury from falling.

Benefit #3: Keeping muscles strong helps support joints and wards off injuries. This is especially true for helping to prevent back injuries.

Benefit #4: Building muscles through weight training has the added bonus of helping prevent osteoporosis by increasing bone density.

Pumping Iron

Weight training is the best way to build muscles, and you don't have to join a health club or gym to see results. You can use light hand weights to train the upper body and ankle weights for the lower body.

Combining weight training with aerobic exercise such as walking, jogging, or biking provides a total body workout, which may reduce blood pressure and decrease your risk of diabetes, and coronary heart disease. People who exercise regularly also have a lower incidence of breast and colon cancer.

Emotional Energizer

Besides toning your body, exercise also can bolster your emotional well being. It improves mood, lowers tension and anxiety, and promotes restful sleep. Aerobic training gives you more energy and stamina because it improves the muscles' ability to extract and use oxygen from the blood for generating energy. This allows your muscles to do more work with less effort and gives you more pep for your daily routine.

Don't think you can fit an endurance exercise routine into your busy schedule? If you cannot exercise for 30 minutes straight, then try breaking it up into small segments. Working out in 10 - minute segments three times a day delivers many of the same health benefits as a 30 - minute continuous session. You also only need to do strength training two to three times a week to increase muscle mass and strength. Warm up by stretching before exercising. Rest a day between strength training sessions.

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